mindfulness meditation

Shamanism is a way of life as well as a healing journey!

“Mindfulness is the final common pathway of what makes us human, our capacity for awareness and for self-knowing. Mindfulness is cultivated by paying attention , and, as we shall see, this paying attention is developed and refined through a practice known as mindfulness meditation, which is spreading rapidly around the world”

John Kabat-Zinn

Josée is a Shaman, Hypnotherapist, a Spiritual Ordained Minister, Relationship Educator, Yoga Teacher and a Student of the Course in Miracles. She has been guiding group workshops and individual sessions for over 25 years. Her gift is to give you a strong sense of presence.

1410 Montreal Road Cornwall

NEXT SESSION: WEDNESDAY january 13th 2021 AT 7:00PM


Josée Shaman, Hypnotherapist, Imago Relationship Educator, an Ordained Spiritual Minister, Yoga Teacher and Student of The Course in Miracles. She has been guiding individuals and Leading Group Workshops for over 25 years.

Trained with Alberto Villoldo, Martha Lucier, Steven Farmer, Hank Wesselman, Sandra Ingermand, Llyn Roberts and Robert Moss

Shamanism works directly with spirit in the healing process the way indigenous healers have done it for centuries.

In this workshop, you will experience the powers of Shamanism for personal well-being.

Shamanism is a way of life as well as a healing journey!

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saturday march 27 2021
One day per month for one year

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