The Unity Drum and Shamanic Healing

The Unity Drum reconnects us with our primary forces, the life force itself.  This link with nature opens sacred space within us, often forgotten, that reconnects the earth and the sky.  In this space emerges the memories of our unconscious in a symbolic and visible way through our emotions, our wounds, our sorrows, our fears etc.  The beating of the Unity Drum helps the release of theses facets related to our conscious and unconscious which we are ready to let go.  The therapist can work with the Unity Drum as a transmutation medium to help the client find their own inner Source.

The Vibrations emitted

The vibrations emitted by the Unity Drum completely envelop the person receiving the shamanic healing, regardless which part of the drum is being played.  The frequencies are evenly distributed in the heart of each cell of the person in order to awaken his/her ancestral memories and reconnect him/her with their original vibration.